No More Lies

This post-modern Urban Romance is set in the fictitious city of Tulsa Georgia, late in the summer of 2011.  Involved in a strong and monogamous bond, Sy Tsingh, the owner of New Growth Beauty & Barber, an award-winning, upscale salon, is unaware that his life partner of 15 years, Dr. Niles Lovett, has evolved into a man with different desires, needs, and dreams that Sy no longer shares.  Through the suspense of greed, deceit, unfaithfulness, and disloyalty that Niles inflicts on Sy, Sy begins to question himself, his values, and his morals.

This first novel by Marion F. Badie will take you through a variety of emotions as the colorful personalities of Sy’s family and friends support him on his path to happiness as you experience the real life drama of love forsaken. By Marion F. Badie





It is amazing how life can change in the short span of a year.  Read this true story of love, tough decisions, loss and survival as told by the woman who lived it.  This book has it all; the sadness of death and the joy of life, the spiritual growth and learning how to develop a better relationship with God.  By  Monique Lynelle

My Journey at 30





“If you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it would move. Nothing would be impossible."

See what miracles abound when you believe and have faith in the wonderful healing powers of Jesus.  Take this journey with one of God's soldiers as she goes from a healthy, viable person to a virtual invalid, being healed of many ailments that doctors did not expect her to survive.  But she is still here.  Enjoy this touching, poignant testimony of Holy Ghost power. By Melba D. Mills

 But I’m Still Here – A Spiritual Testimony




AMANI GURAD - A coming of age story set with ancient Egypt as the backdrop. A series of dreams forces Rartoun to seek advice from the person he believes murdered his parents. Before his 18th birthday, he must decide who he can trust. His soul searching leads to new friendships, new pain, and an understanding of his destiny. Along the way, love he'd never envisioned accompanies him on other world journeys.

By Sharon Butler   $9.95



 SUNSET SERENADE- A compilation of love poems, Sunset Serenade expresses the joys and disappointments of relationships while maintaining a positive note of hopefulness when the relationship is right. By Puala Akoma





In life, in relationships, we often wear many hats. Sometimes we take on the role of observer, other times that of participant. We go from friend to lover and back again. Taking The Journey: Relations is not a book of love poems, but a compilation of life experiences. They take you to a place where you question, "Was that about me?" And if you can relate, on some level, the answer is yes. Not only is it about you, but it is for you.

 Walk in Imara's shoes, through his relationships, see your life through the eyes of someone who understands. Be prepared to grow and be a better person after reading these poems. Take The Journey. By Imara    $7.95



FIRE IN THE VIRGINS LAIR - Passion’s experience should be a work in progress. What sometimes begins as lusty intentions ends in blissful tranquility. Follow the salacious path Sharotica lays in this series of short stories filled with temptation, passion, stimulation, and release, leading into the virgin’s lair. By Sharotica



WHAT A WOMEN WANTS - The first Friday of every month belongs to the ladies. Monica Sloane and her three friends get together for a no males allowed night of fun and frank discussion about love and men as only women can do it. Monica lives life by her rules. Her credo is: I don’t need a man to give me what I can give myself. What she can’t give herself is on a shopping list; items found on no grocery store shelf. Items such as sexual satisfaction, intimacy, traditional values, and a sense of adventure. Four men; Jefferson, Jay, Vincent, and Khaleel fulfill the desires on her shopping list. Will one of them have what it takes to supply all of the things this woman wants?  By Sharotica     $12.95



THE SCARLET THREAD - The Scarlet Thread is a collection of poetry that explores the Old Testament story of Rahab, the Jericho prostitute who saves her family “on the signal of a scarlet thread”. The thread, sewn deeply in other biblical, historical, cultural, and personal accounts, speaks its importance to the strength, perseverance, and faith that rescues one in the midst of the most trying circumstances. Inviting, insightful, and sincerely straightforward, this collection will illuminate those seeking a thread of truth, or a thread of hope. By Vernal Pope     $6.99



 SHAROTICA’S LIL’ BLACK BOOK - Have you ever succumbed to a booty call anticipating the pleasure of his seduction? Have you experienced burning passion while he proves you’re the best woman for him? Forget about the perfect relationship. Snuggles up and feel the tingles of Sharotica’s Lil’ Black Book. Sharotica’s debut book is a collection of sensuous, erotic short stories. By Sharotica




 METAPHORICAL SOUL SIDEWALKS-This is not the average poetry book. You cannot pick snippits of three to five line poems to highlight. You cannot flip to the table of contents and select a poem based off its snazzy title. This is a choreopoem of sorts. The pieces contained in the book are stories of life post Black Lips Kissing. They are accounts of interactions, stories, dreams, songs and emotions from myself and people I’ve interacted with (friends, family and lovers). It details healing and the personal growth which took me from being Panther to Day Acoli. It is to be read like a novel. However, it is poetry, and so each story is broken into stanzas. As a poet, it is my responsibility to pass along my history. I am an Afrakan, a griot, a storyteller and this is my contribution to the black woman’s story.

By Day Acoli   $7.95



 FISHNET DREAMS - Fishnet Dreams is a collection of poetry and spoken word. Most of the poems include essays explaining their inspiration and citing facts and references for readers to follow-up. This book is meant to be a memoir for the technological, auto immune deficient, crack ravaged, gang culture, hip hop influenced generation (and even country music is hip hop influenced these days). This is the story and interpretations of an American African black woman in her twenties. It features “Coretta’s Love Poem”, a spoken word piece chronicling the complishments of the late Coretta Scott King. Traditional poetry forms, sestinas and haiku, and essays about Hurricane Katrina, gentrification, the black community and friendship. Plus so much more. By Day Acoli




 Notes to My Daughter- Is an insightful journey into the relationship between a father and his daughter. These are words that many daughters long to hear and fathers often struggle to say.  By David Dixon




 Gin, Chittlins and Blessings- Are coping methods – survival tactics; the vices picked up along the road that help mobilize a people from there to here. Are they bad? Are they good? No, they are what they are, in all their beauty and hideousness. With attaching no judgment – only love and acceptance this piece of work speaks to the very root of African Americans’ will to win and be admired by the world during the process. It is the intention for this work to inspire self-love, challenge ourselves and to be proud of where we’ve been and recognize the strength to go where we shall be. Gin, Chittlins and Blessings, common elements among a beautiful group of people, a story told in this book of poems and short stories. By Rava' Shelyn     





The Edge of Eternity-Love is perhaps the greatest mystery in existence. It comes and goes like the wind, touching all who encounter it. However, for an instant in time when heaven allows, some manage to stumble upon true and absolute love. The Edge of Eternity is a tale of a young man who was fortunate enough to have found that love. By Charles Bush




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